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"The Cash Account has been closed to new applications (effective 1st July 2015) and has been replaced by the Bell Cash Trust. The change has arisen due to changes in APRA's policy. For more details about the Bell Cash Trust please click here.

^"Bell Potter Cash Account" is the name given to the cash management facility through which you can apply for and hold notes issued by Bell Potter Capital and offered by Bell Potter Securities under a current prospectus. The Bell Potter Cash Account is not a Bank Account and is not covered by the Government Guarantee. Investors risk losing some or all of their principal investment. We encourage investors to read the prospectus. ** When you apply for a Bell Potter Cash Account you are also automatically applying for a $1 "Foundation Account" note. We will give you this $1 and by maintaining this account, you will not be required to complete further application forms for future deposits. See section 5.4 of the prospectus for more details.

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