With an interest rate return typically higher than traditional term deposits, listed debt securities can be an attractive option for the fixed income investor.

Investors seeking to increase their earning potential on the fixed income portion of their portfolio can also consider listed debt securities.

ASX debt securities are similar to term deposits in that

  • there are regular interest payments; and
  • a fixed term when the company is obligated to redeem the debt for cash

They also carry the added benefit that:

  • holders can assess the value of their investment at any given time;
  • there are no penalties for 'redeeming' holdings before maturity (although this may result in potential capital gains or losses depending on market conditions at the time).

Bell Potter brings together a highly experienced team to cover this expanding area of the securities market.

Our market leading research in the listed corporate debt securities sector ensures our clients are well positioned to take advantage of opportunities.

How do I buy debt securities on the exchange?

Just as you would ask your adviser to buy or sell shares, you can ask your adviser to purchase corporate debt securities listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

We also benefit from our position as one of Australia's largest full service, private client stockbroking firms to bring our clients access to some of the largest corporate bond issues released to the Australian market.

Read our Subordinated Debt Securities with 'Equity Credit' Fact Sheet here.

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