Foreign Exchange for Business

Our business clients enjoy a foreign exchange service with streamlined transactions and competitive rates.

Why choose us?

Global currency markets never sleep. Bell FX has access to high quality international research on currencies and financial markets to keep you up to date. You'll also benefit from fast and accurate execution and efficient settlement, with some of the most competitive exchange rates in the market.

Bell FX can also help you manage your foreign currency risk, with a flexible hedging strategy that makes use of forward foreign exchange contracts, currency options and tailored forwards depending on your needs.

Foreign Exchange Services

  • Up to the minute research and commentary. Our daily research report keeps you informed about overnight activity.
  • Payments without the overheads. If your business makes regular foreign currency payments, our spot dealing service delivers reliable, accurate and secure settlement without the costs of dealing with a large institution.
  • Standard settlements. We maintain a database of your regular offshore suppliers and work with you to create standard settlement instructions for fast, efficient and trouble-free settlement.
  • Foreign currency accounts. If you regularly make and receive payments in the same currency, a foreign currency account helps you save on exchange costs.
  • Dealing forward - hedging. We can tailor a hedging strategy that makes use of the full range of sophisticated FX tools and techniques available to deliver the outcomes needed by your business.

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