Foreign Exchange for Individuals

Bell FX caters to the needs of individual clients.

When you're sending or receiving money in a foreign currency, bank fees, commissions and rate variations can have a significant impact on the final result. Especially for large transactions like property purchases, where a lag between purchase and settlement creates the risk that unfavourable exchange rate movements may erode your capital before the transaction is complete.

That's when you need to speak to a foreign exchange specialist. At Bell FX, we work with you to minimise currency risk, streamline settlement and get the most competitive rate at the time.

Foreign Exchange Services

  • Secure and efficient transfer of funds. Reduce the uncertainty when you move to a new country, or send money overseas to families or relatives, with secure and convenient transfers at the most competitive rates.
  • Regular payments made easy. With competitive rates, fee-free transactions and direct access to accredited FX dealers, you can make regular payments at a time and date - and a rate - that's right for you.
  • Overseas property purchases. Exchange rate variations, bank fees and commissions can have a significant impact on the final price you'll pay for your overseas property. Our foreign exchange specialists will work with you to minimise currency risk and find the best rate.

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