Stockbroking Services and Advice.

Bell Potter is one of Australia's leading full-service stockbroking and advisory firms.

Qualified Advisers

Our Advisers provide advice and execution services for clients looking to trade in securities and derivatives. Advisers have access to in-depth research and a full range of services and products including: margin lending, cash accounts, portfolio administration and personal superannuation.

Client Access

As a client, you can gain access to public equity offerings and other securities issues available through our corporate finance activities. If you are a wholesale client or sophisticated investor, you can also access placement issues handled by the firm.

Stockbroking and Advice Services

Service Description
  • Personalised advice on direct investment in Australian listed shares.
  • Advice on equity options, warrants and futures from accredited derivative specialists.
Investing Overseas
  • Access to all major international equity markets in the US, Europe and Asia.
New Issues
  • Regular offerings of new issues (to retail and wholesale clients) and placements (generally only available to wholesale clients).
  • Access to research on most of the ASX 300 listed companies as well as coverage of an array of mid-cap, small and emerging companies; sector research and regular economic and market commentary; regular strategy updates and in-depth coverage of our preferred stocks.
  • Specialist coverage on exchange traded funds (ETFs), Listed Investment Companies (LICs) and hybrid issues.
Margin Lending
  • Bell Potter is the only non-bank margin lender in the market. The service offers competitive interest rates and a comprehensive list of Approved Securities to borrow against.
Cash and Fixed Interest
  • In-house cash services with competitive interest rates for at-call and term deposit funds.
  • Cash account1 that can be linked to your share trading account for ease of settlement.
  • Access to bank bills, company debentures and other fixed interest products.
Portfolio Administration Service (PAS)
  • Comprehensive reporting on investment portfolios and management of all paperwork across a range of different asset types including: shares, cash, unlisted managed funds and interest rate products.
  • Online access to portfolios along with quarterly and annual reporting of all transactions, portfolio valuations and annual tax reporting.
  • Advice on superannuation from accredited Advisers supported by in-house superannuation specialists.
  • Advice on self-managed superannuation funds.

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1”Bell Potter Cash Account” is the name given to the cash management facility through which you can apply for and hold secured debentures issued by Bell Potter Capital and offered by Bell Potter Securities under a current prospectus. The Bell Potter Cash Account is not a Bank Account and is not covered by the Government Guarantee. Investors risk losing some or all of their principal investment.


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