Our derivative accredited Advisers can help you navigate the complex but potentially profitable world of futures and options.

Equity options

Options can be used in a number of ways:

  • Provide protection for your share portfolio.
  • Opportunity for profit by taking a particular view on a stock's direction.
  • Potential for income by writing covered calls; and
  • Providing leverage in volatile markets.

Futures and options can have high levels of risks associated with them and you need to understand those risks as well as the benefits. Only derivative accredited Advisers can give advice on futures and options. These experienced Advisers can explain the risks and benefits of using derivatives as part of your investment strategy.

Key Features

Service Benefit
Exceptional service
  • Personal advice from derivative accredited Advisers to help with option strategies, execution and monitoring of positions.
Rapid pricing and execution
  • Our trading system provides fast and efficient execution and pricing of option positions.
Online confirmation and monitoring
  • Monitor open positions, collateral and cash position at any time, through the Bell Potter website, and receive overnight confirmation of executed trades.
Interest payments
  • Accrued daily and paid monthly.
Trade in a regulated market
  • Options are standardised and traded through a registered clearing and settlement facility, making it easier to close out positions, unlike some derivative products traded over-the-counter (OTC) between counterparties.


Issued by financial institutions and traded on the ASX and Chi-X, warrants can be used for both trading and investment. Each warrant is unique, with its own features and risks, so it's important to have the right advice before you invest.

Bell Potter's experienced and accredited Advisers can help you understand the features of different warrants and the risks and benefits of including them as part of your investment strategy.

Bell Potter provides you with access to the full range of warrants, including:

Product Description
Instalment warrants
  • These can be used to gain leveraged exposure to shares, baskets of shares or listed managed investments - such as exchange traded funds (ETFs) - by making a part payment upfront and delaying an optional final payment until a later date. This allows you to buy shares for a portion of the current share price while receiving the benefits of potential capital growth, dividends and franking credits.
Self-funding instalment warrants
  • Longer-term warrants, where dividends are used to reduce the final payment for the underlying shares.
  • A highly-leveraged, ASX and Chi-X listed product.

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